Saturday, 3 February 2018

Horsforth Railway Station 2017 Compilation, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Horsforth Railway Station 2017 Compilation, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Horsforth railway station is a railway station in West Yorkshire, England. It is on the Harrogate Line 5.75 miles (9 km) north west of Leeds station and the final stop in the Metro regulated area towards Harrogate. The station is located on the Cookridge side of the Moseley beck but has a Horsforth postcode (LS18). To read more about Horsforth Station, click here: .

When I travel by train from home, I usually begin my journeys at Horsforth Railway Station. I always have something with me which I can record some video footage with, be it my iPhone, Flip Ultra, Veho Muvi, so in the minutes that I'm waiting, I quite often make a few seconds worth of film of either the surroundings or of the passing rail traffic. I have done this for the past few years now, and at the beginning of a new year have released my compilation from the previous year. Here is my compilation of footage from Horsforth Railway Station in 2017. The clips have been put in the order that they were shot chronologically, starting in January and finishing in December. Some shots are by day, and others at night, but all of them capture the moments that I was there waiting.

Featured class units and locomotive along with information about them is as follows:
Class 43 - ; 
Class 142 - ;
Class 144 - ;
Class 150 - ; 
Class 153 - ;
Class 155 - ; and
Class 158 - .

Featured train operating companies are Northern Rail and Virgin Trains East Coast. To read more about them click here:
Northern Rail - ; and
Virgin Trains East Coast: .

To read more about Horsforth, click here - .

To read more about Cookridge, click here - .

To read more about Leeds, click here - .

To see my 2015 compilation, click here: .

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