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Flight Review: Emirates EK017, Dubai to Manchester (Business Class) - 18...

Flight Review: Emirates EK017, Dubai to Manchester (Business Class) - 18th September, 2016.

I flew with Emirates business class in an Airbus A380 from Dubai to Manchester, UK in September 2016. This was the second leg of a 24 hour journey from Brisbane to Manchester.

This film contains footage of the following: Dubai Airport Business Class Lounge for Gates B and C; the business office area; free mobile phone charging; complimentary food and drink; boarding the aircraft; seat 23A (upper deck, left side, rear); lots of legroom; the at seat facilities; the on-board entertainment; safety demonstration; push back, taxi and take-off from Dubai Airport; aerial views of Dubai; wine list and menu; continental breakfast; the business class toilet; the business class bar; aerial views of Iran; Lunch; approach, landing and taxi at Manchester Airport; and the Emirates Mercedes journey back to Leeds.

This was a good flight, that I would absolutely take again in future, however I would like to add some criticisms: The Business Class Lounge for Gates B & C at Dubai Airport is simply too big and busy, it didn't 'feel' like Business Class because of the amount of people using it, it was also too far to the gate; the interior of Aircraft A6-EDI already seems outdated, the touchscreen for 23A only partially worked, and the remote control was cumbersome; the seat controls for 23A were in an awkward position; and finally, I wasn't hugely impressed with the cabin crew member who was meant to be looking after my area, I won't go into detail, but if I'm completely honest, I don't think that she was ready for Business Class (at that point, this was Sept 2016). Having now taken six Business Class flights with Emirates, the difference in service quality was noticeable.  With all of that said, if I were flying long haul with Emirates in future, I would still do it business class as normally the service is excellent, and I take this as an exception rather than the norm.

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